28.6mm AERO carbon bars mtb

The use of carbon fiber handlebars, also known as carbon bars, has been gaining in popularity in mountain biking for some time now. Carbon bars have been traditionally used in road cycling for their lightweight, stiffness and strength. Recently, the use of carbon fiber bars has made its way into the world of mountain biking.

One of the most popular styles of carbon handlebars for mountain biking is the 28.6mm AERO platform carbon bars. AERO bars are designed to work with standard mountain bike stems and handlebar clamp diameters of 28.6mm. They are lightweight, stiff, and come in several varieties, giving riders the opportunity to choose the handlebar style that best suits them.

The 28.6mm AERO bars are light and stiff, yet comfortable to ride, thanks to their carbon construction. They are designed to provide optimal aerodynamics and can improve handling, responsiveness and safety for riders. The carbon construction is strong enough to resist damage, yet light enough to provide a comfortable ride. AERO bars also provide optimal control, thanks to their shape and design.

With 28.6mm AERO bars, riders can customize their handlebar setup with a variety of options. AERO bars come in three standard sizes: 740mm, 780mm, and 800mm. Riders can also adjust the angle of the bars with several angles available. The additional handlebar width allows for shorter reach and better access to shifters and brakes.

In addition to the standard sizes, many manufacturers also offer custom-made carbon bars for mountain bikes. The custom-made bars are manufactured in a variety of rise heights and angles, helping riders find the perfect fit for their riding style. Custom-made bars are typically lighter than standard bars, allowing for maximum performance and speed.

The 28.6mm AERO carbon bars are an excellent choice for mountain bike riding. With their lightweight construction, aerodynamics, and optimal control, they offer an ideal handlebar system for riders who demand the best performance and precision. And with a variety of sizes and angles available, riders can easily customize their handlebar setup to meet their exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option to improve your speed and handling or want to customize your handlebar setup for better control and responsiveness, 28.6mm AERO carbon bars are an excellent choice for any mountain bike rider.

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