mtb carbon bars

28.6mm AERO Integrated mtb carbon bars

The 28.6mm AERO Integrated mtb carbon bars are custom-made, aerodynamically engineeredhandlebars designed to improve the overall performance of any mountain bike. Its sleek design and construction makes it a perfect tool for cyclists driving through windy conditions or aiming for top speeds.

Made from carbon fiber, the bars are very light and robust while still providing a comfortable riding experience. The durable nature of carbon fiber also allows it to easily handle heavy impacts from jumps, drops, and other obstacles that are part of mountain biking.

The integrated AERO design of these 28.6mm bars gives riders an enhanced aerodynamic advantage. This means that when diving through strong winds, the bike’s resistance to the wind is lowered, thus allowing for increased speed. Additionally, this design allows for an improved grip on turns – something that is highly useful for riders who look for a tight grip on the handlebars when in motion.

Unlike traditional handlebars that have one fixed length, the 28.6mm AERO Integrated mtb carbon bars are adjustable – allowing the rider to change the length according to their preferences. Moreover, the bars also feature a variety of mounting positions for a range of accessories like lights, computer screens, GPS chips, and more.

These bars also come with various benefits, including better bike stability and better shock absorption. By providing a balance of both stiffness and flexibility, the bars absorb shock from bumps and vibrations while also maintaining smooth handling of the bike.

That being said, these bars are better suited for experienced riders as they require a certain level of expertise to adjust the length of the handles and the mounting of all the accessories.

All in all, the 28.6mm AERO Integrated mtb carbon bars are the perfect tools for cyclists looking for an aerodynamic advantage while also offering a comfortable and shock-absorbing ride. Their adjustable length and numerous mount points make them an excellent choice for riders of any skill level.

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